Sadly The 15-Year-Old Girl Went Missing After Saying She Was Going To Malaysia For Hookup – Guardian Reveals ✓✓ The Scoper Media 

    Aunty Juliet, the guardian, and a relative of 15-year-old Confidence Awelle-Ezechie have narrated how the girl, who has been in her custody for about 6 years, went missing after telling her wards that she was going to Malaysia for hookups.

Speaking to the Punch Newspaper in an exclusive interview, the 37-year-old mother of one based in Port Harcourt narrated how she carried the girl from their village in Delta State when she was just 9 years old after Confidence’s mother complained of her making trouble for her in the village. She noted that after bringing Confidence to Port Harcourt, she enrolled her in school, and things were going well until she saw the girl with an Android phone. After grilling the girl about how she got the phone and being unconvinced by her answer, she smashed the phone.

Aunty Juliet further revealed that on several occasions, she had seen the girl with boys, which gave her cause for concern as she was afraid of Confidence getting pregnant out of wedlock.

However, on the ill-fated day when the girl left home, Confidence was said to have washed her bedsheets and wasn’t seen again for 6 months. Speaking about how she found out about Confidence’s alleged travel to Malaysia, Aunty Juliet said, “I had to call all the children who lived with me and other relatives who came around to visit to come home for a meeting because I smelt a rat.”


  • “I threatened to arrest them all and lock them up. That was when they started singing like birds. “I thought Confidence was pregnant, which was why she ran away.”
  • “They unanimously told me that Confidence told them that she met one lady, named Oge, who promised to take her to Malaysia for “hooking up.”


Source: Punch.

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