OUR PRIDE: See The 2 Young Nigerian Ladies Currently Holding Political Positions In Britain √√ The Scoper Media


     Holding political positions in a foreign land is no mean feat as it requires one to be armed with excellent leadership skills. Even in the Western world, it is not very common to see young ladies occupying such prestigious positions. However, some young Nigerian ladies in Diaspora have proven themselves worthy of emulation by showcasing how good they are in politics.


In this article, we shall be featuring 5 young Nigerian ladies currently holding political positions in Britain.

Below are their profiles:


Kemi is a Britain politician currently serving as a Member of Parliament representing Saffron Walden. She was born on 2 January 1980 in Wimbledon, England to Nigerian parents.


She studied Computer Engineering at the University of Sussex before proceeding to the University of London where she bagged a degree in Law.


She officially joined Britain politics in 2005 and have held numerous political positions including – Member of the London Assembly, Exchequer Secretary of the Treasury, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and so on.


Florence is a member of the British Parliament representing Vauxhall. She was born on 18 September 1980 in Birmingham to Nigerian parents.


She studied Political and International Studies at Middlesex University before proceeding to the University of Netherlands where she bagged other higher qualifications.


Before becoming MP, she held various positions including – Local Councillor, Member of London Assembly, and Member of Lambert Borough Council.

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