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When you’re thinking about skin care ingredients, onions and onion juice might not be the first things that come to mind.


For one thing, most people don’t want their face and body smelling like onions. But the vegetable is actually a surprisingly rich source of skin-friendly acids and compounds. The infamous tearjerker might even help soften your skin if you apply it just right.

The organic compounds in onions have been linked to a variety of health advantages for both men and women when consumed raw or processed through a juicer and sieve. In particular, rubbing onions on one’s face regularly has been found to increase the benefits of onions for women.

In this article and inline with a publication on WebMD and Healthline, I will explain some benefits of rubbing raw onion on a your face.


1. Onions include antioxidants that help maintain a healthy complexion, so eating them can boost your skin’s overall appearance. If your skin is lacking radiance, a raw onion mask can help restore its natural glow.


2. People often use onion juice to help them look younger because of its anti-ageing properties. It’s because rubbing onions on your face increases blood flow to the skin cells, giving the appearance of more toned skin.


3. Acne, often known as pimples, is a prevalent skin condition that affects the faces of many women. You can get rid of acne scars, age spots, and other skin discolourations. In contrast, onion juice contains vitamin C and elements that may aid in the fight against acne if applied topically. The efficacy of onion juice applied to the face is increased when combined with turmeric powder.


4. Onions may kill bacteria on your skin’s surface. Onion extracts have been shown to inactivate most forms of bacteria, according to a 2016 research review. This property can help your skin because bacteria can increase inflammation on your skin’s surface.

Antibacterial properties also come in handy when you’re dealing with active acne breakouts.



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