A 26-year-old man Puts Self Up For Sale In Kano ~ The Scoper Media


    Aliyu Na Idris, a 26-year-old man from Kaduna State, has become a social media sensation for putting himself up for sale in Kano.

Idris, who claimed to be a tailor, has been roaming the streets of Kano State carrying a placard that reads “This man is for sale for N20 million.”

   It was gathered that the young man has been on the streets for five days looking for who will buy him.

  In an encounter with Daily Trust, he said he had decided to sell himself due to hardship.

   He said his family was aware that he had offered himself for sale, adding that he had initially presented himself for sale in Kaduna but when he could not get a serious buyer, he decided to try Kano State with the hope that someone will pay the required price.

   “Even though many people have offered me various prices of N10m, N5m and N300,000 in Kano, I refused because the amount is less than what I expected,” he said.

   The young man said he was operating a tailoring business that failed due to the financial crisis and as such, he lost his customers and became financially handicapped.

   He explained that he had no money to survive, not to talk of investing in another business, hence, he decided to present himself for sale at N20m only.

   When asked what he intends to do with the money, he said, “I will give my parents N10m; I will give N5m as tax to the state where I was bought, the person who helped in advertising me will be rewarded with N2m while the remaining N3m will be kept for me under the care of the person who buys me for my daily upkeep.”

   He further stated that he knows that he would lose his freedom after being purchased but he’s not worried as he has made up his mind to do the bidding of his master.

   He said if nobody buys him in Kano, he would move to another state to sell himself.



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