Aare Adetola Emmanuel-King Joins Muslim Community In Celebrating Peace And Progress 🎊 The Scoper Media 

Aare Adetola Emmanuel-King, Chairman and Group Managing Director of Adron Homes and Properties, extends heartfelt greetings to the Muslim community nationwide in celebration of the annual Eid-Al-Adha festival. Emphasizing the spirit of unity and generosity that the festival embodies, Emmanuel-King wishes for a joyous and blessed Eid for all, encouraging the sharing of love and compassion throughout the country during this significant time.

He underscores the vital need for peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance, urging all faith leaders to champion these principles. Emphasizing the power of prayer, he calls for collective efforts towards the nation’s progress and unity.

In a heartfelt message delivered by his Special Adviser on Media, Oladapo Sofowora, Aare Adetola called on all Muslims to remain steadfast in their faith. He urged the community to seize the festive occasion as a chance to actively contribute to Nigeria’s progress, particularly amidst the nation’s current economic challenges. Adetola’s appeal highlights the vital role of faith and communal effort in driving positive change during difficult times.

 He urges opinion leaders and religious groups to leverage the festival as a platform to pray for our leaders. By seeking divine guidance, they can help steer the nation toward prosperity and stability, ultimately fostering a flourishing economy and a secure environment.

He said; “ I want to implore opinion leaders and religious bodies in the country to use the occasion of the festival to pray for our leaders to guide us right and put the country on the path of prosperity. When the country is stable, celebration will be seamless and made possible. We need to pray for a more flourished economy and a secure country to ensure we have a smooth sail and bounce back into winning ways.”

 The renowned property mogul from Ilishan-Remo passionately calls for unity among all religious communities. He believes that by working together, they can achieve shared goals of development, prosperity, peace, justice, and equity. He urges religious bodies to celebrate harmoniously and to hold their leaders accountable, fostering a society where mutual respect and collaboration thrive.

Aare Adetola emphasizes that peace is the cornerstone of development and progress, warning that a nation in turmoil breeds detrimental outcomes and stifles growth. He calls on all citizens to foster positive virtues, which will collectively elevate Nigeria to greatness.

“I want to use this moment to ask our religious bodies to use this occasion to hold our leaders accountable and also celebrate in peace because when there is peace; development will surely thrive. A country in distress will breed all vices of malevolent and stunted growth. Let’s use this medium to promote all vices that will make Nigeria greater again.” He concluded.