ADRON HOMES Hosts Spectacular Appreciation Gala For West Park & Gardens Estate Dwellers, Others + PHOTOS ๐ŸŽŠ The Scoper Media

In a grand display of appreciation, Adron Homes Management Team orchestrated a spectacular surprise at the prestigious West Park & Gardens Estate in Ayegun Adron City, Ibadan, Nigeria, on May 12, 2024. The event unfolded amidst the serene backdrop of Paradise City, where residents and stakeholders were treated to an unforgettable celebration overflowing with gratitude and recognition.

In a grand affair orchestrated by the Directorate of Estate at Adron Homes, residents and homeowners of the esteemed estate were lavishly celebrated and honored. Meticulous planning ensured every detail exuded appreciation and prestige, making it a momentous occasion for all involved.

Amidst the opulent ambiance, orchestrated by the distinguished Aare Adetola EmmanuelKing, Chairman/CEO of Adron Homes, the affair unfurled with a tapestry of elegance and prestige, casting an enchanting spell upon all who graced its presence.

Accompanied by many top senior directors including : Mrs. Ajobo Adenike – Deputy MD, Southern Nigeria;Ms. Shola Orunmuyiwa – Group Director Legal Bureau ;Engr. Stephen Ogunbiyi – Technical Director;Engr Sola Okanlawon – CPC Southern Nigeria;Arch. Bolaji Mustapha – PD Upland World;Mr. Christopher Adeogun-Director Internal Control & Compliance;Engr Kole – Chief Director Power & Energy ;TP Rotimi Dipeolu -Director of Physical Planning and Development ;Ms. Omotola Alonge – Director of Construction & Building Materials,Mr. Michael Oyadele -Director of Public Affairs; Engr Festus Fatunbi-Deputy Project Director Upland World;Mr. Kunle Aliyu -Director of Estate Western World and other esteemed Partners and consultants ,the occasion was a true testament to the community’s significance and vitality.

Chairman/CEO, Aare Adetola EmmanuelKing, officially inaugurated the New Executive Committee of the West Park & Gardens Estate Residents Association (WEPAGERA). Mr. Idris Adejumo took the helm as Chairman, surrounded by a stellar team of executives. The air buzzed with excitement as they embarked on their journey to serve the community, promising a bright future for all residents

-Elder Abayomi Olatunji  – Vice Chairman;

-Mr. Akintunde Akinpelu – General Secretary;

-Mrs. Aderonke Adelakun – Assistant General Secretary;

-Mr. Musbau Yekini – Financial Secretary/Treasurer;

-Mr. Babatunde Adesesan – Assistant Treasurer;

-Mr. Sakiru Opeyemi Aliu – Publicity Secretary;

-Mr. David Akinbi – Assistant Publicity Secretary;

-Dr. Sola Popoola – Ex-Officio/Adviser;

-Dr. Ademola Adebayo – Ex-Officio/Adviser;

-Grandma Esther Adeyemi – Ex-Officio/Adviser;

-Alhaji Ismail Adeyemi – Security Coordinator;

-Mrs. Gbemisola Adelakun – Projects/Maintenance Coordinator;

-Rev’d Olufemi Tokede – Zone 1 Coordinator;

-Mr. Oyewumi Adelakun – Zone 2 Coordinator;

-Mrs. Elizabeth Olade – Zone 3 Coordinator

the committee embodies a vision of unity, progress, and excellence, promising to steer the community towards greater heights.

In a whirlwind of jubilation, residents, professionals, and esteemed senior officials from Adron Homes found themselves enveloped in an atmosphere brimming with delight.

In the tranquil haven of West Park And Gardens Estates, the Adron Team cultivated an atmosphere of open dialogue and camaraderie, where questions were welcomed, fostering inclusivity and neighborly love. This culture transformed the community into a beacon of warmth, attracting landlords seeking solace in its serene surroundings.

In a beautiful moment of solidarity, the Adron Homes Management Team wholeheartedly embraced the newly inaugurated WEPAGERA committee, joining forces to elevate West Park & Gardens Estate to unparalleled heights of excellence across the southwest region. Residents, deeply touched by this initiative, showered Adron Homes with sincere appreciation, recognizing their unwavering dedication to their welfare and joy. Together, they embarked on a journey fueled by passion and collaboration, paving the way for a community where happiness and well-being flourish harmoniously.

As the festivities waned, enveloped in laughter, melodies, and vibrant performances, they served as more than mere merriment; they stood as a poignant testament to the enduring camaraderie weaving through the fabric of West Park & Gardens Estate, reinforcing bonds that transcend time and space.

 Conclusively, Within this sanctuary of opulence and serenity, dwellers and administrators unite to craft a flourishing and affluent society, illuminating a beacon of inspiration for the world to emulate.

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