ZONE 2 CRACKDOWN: Couple Arrested For Adulterated Alcohol Production ๐ŸŽŠ The Scoper Media

Zone 2 Police Command Arrests Couple Over Adulterated Alcoholic Production

...Shuts Down Illegal Facility

In a thrilling triumph of law enforcement, the vigilant officers of the Zone 2 Police Command, stationed at the heart of Onikan, Lagos, have orchestrated a daring operation under the astute guidance of Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG Olatoye A. Durosinmi. Their target? A nefarious couple engaged in the clandestine production and dissemination of a medley of tainted alcoholic concoctions.

With steely determination and meticulous planning, the officers swooped in on the unsuspecting culprits, unravelling their intricate web of deception. Armed with the law as their sword and shield, they brought the perpetrators to justice, delivering a resounding blow to the illicit trade of adulterated spirits.

This tale stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of law enforcement in safeguarding the welfare of the public and upholding the integrity of our communities. Under the steadfast leadership of AIG Olatoye A. Durosinmi, justice prevails, and the streets of Onikan echo with the resounding victory over vice.

Under the cloak of nightfall, a squadron of detectives, under the command of the indomitable CSP Ngozi Braide, descended upon a clandestine den nestled within the labyrinth of Muibi Olawumi Close. Concealed amidst the shadows of Ayetoto/Itแบนle Road in Ado-Odo/Ota LGA, Ogun State, their mission was shrouded in secrecy.

With precision honed by years of experience, they breached the fortress-like facade, unveiling a clandestine operation veiled in deceit. Within the bowels of the residence, a nefarious scheme unfolded โ€“ an intricate web of deception weaving counterfeit wines, spirits, and champagne. The air thickened with anticipation as the truth unfolded, marking April 4, 2024, as the day when justice triumphed over deceit.

In the hushed hours of midnight, a clandestine operation unfolded, yielding a trove of damning evidence. Within the dimly lit confines of the target’s lair, shadows danced with anticipation as the raiding party moved with precision and stealth. In the heart of the darkness, secrets whispered their betrayal, unveiled by the flickering glow of flashlights. Each piece of evidence seized echoed the weight of justice, a symphony of truth amidst the silence of deception. And as the night waned, the dawn heralded the triumph of righteousness, a tale woven in the threads of valor and resolve.

* Unlabeled and branded bottles of suspected adulterated alcoholic drinks

* Various containers filled with mixtures suspected to be ingredients for the adulterated beverages

* Equipment used in the production process, such as pumping machines, funnels, and sealing machines

Other items include brand label of Del-Mud, Del-Mud Royal, Smooth Brandy Wine Drinks in packs, a funnel containing a white handkerchief (used as filter) and corkscrew among various other production and branding items.

One Margret Austine โ€˜fโ€™ was apprehended at the scene and she confessed to a six-year involvement in the illegal operation, alongside her husband, Austine Idemudia (a.k.a. โ€œBaba Joshuaโ€). Margret โ€˜fโ€™ confirmed that their adulterated finished products are sold to buyers across Lagos and Ogun States.

The Zone 2 Command is actively investigating this case and will release further information to the general public as it becomes available.

In the wake of a recent alarming incident, Assistant Inspector-General Durosinmi issues a heartfelt plea to the public, urging heightened vigilance in their culinary pursuits. With a somber tone, he underscores the gravity of the situation, expressing deep concern over the pervasive threat posed by tainted goods to the well-being of consumers.

In the heart of Lagos and Ogun States, the Zone 2 Police Command stands as a steadfast guardian, unwavering in its dedication to the security and welfare of every resident. With vigilant eyes and unwavering resolve, they pledge their allegiance to safeguarding the bustling streets and tranquil neighborhoods alike. In the labyrinth of urban life, their commitment shines as a beacon of hope, ensuring that peace and tranquility reign supreme in every corner they patrol.