Hon-Elect, Edu, Moro, Patigi Federal Constituency, Hon. Dr, Ahmed Adam Saba (Ajiya Shonga), Thank You Visit To Moro LG + Photos √√ The Scoper Media 

Hon Dr, Ahmed Adam Saba (Ajiya Shonga), Hon. Elect for Edu, Moro, Patigi Federal Constituency was in Moro local government yesterday to show  appreciation for the well done job by the good people of the constituency in exercising their franchise right in recent elections for Presidential and National Assembly’s elections.

This is a laudable gathering and well attended by callibre of dignitaries such as Elder illiasu, the two APC candidates for State Assembly for Moro local government Hon. Madinat Moturayo, Hon. Lawan Ayanshola and APC stakeholders in Moro local government.

   Hon-Elect for Edu, Moro, Patigi Federal Constituency solicit for vote for the two honourable’s coming general elections and promise them good governance if they are voted for as they did for them last week elections.

The people of Moro Local Government promised to vote all APC candidates coming election because this government is different from the past Government in terms of infrastructure developments, rehabilitation of schools, bringing their hospitals to modern hospitals, reconstruction of roads and others.

APC is the party they know and is the party they will vote for coming elections on the 11th, of March 2023.

To cap it all, Hon Dr, Ahmed Adam Saba emphasized strongly that his victory is based on people’s commitment and trust on him and promised that he will never disappoint them in any way.

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