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    A Nutritionist, Dr Bose Makanjuola, says eating an egg a day can reduce one’s chances of developing heart disease and stroke.

   Makanjuola, a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T), Ibadan, made the assertion on the sideline of the celebration of World Egg Day.

  She added that consumption of an egg per day could also help to ensure a healthy life

   According to her, eggs are healthy for humans and should form part of people’s diet provided they are eaten in moderation.

   She added that eggs could improve the  body mechanisms provided they were prepared in a healthy way.

  “It can be prepared either boiled, poached, baked or scrambled with healthy oils and paired with healthy foods.

  “Eggs are nutritious; so people shouldn’t be scared of taking them.

  “Claims that eggs contribute to high levels of cholesterol in the body has been debunked by thorough scientific research so people should feel free to enjoy their eggs.


  “Eggs contain good quality protein; they have all the essential amino acids necessary for humans in the right proportions.

  “They are good for the eyes because they contain some antioxidants (lutein and zeaxanthin) which can guard against macular degeneration and cataract.

  “They keep cholesterol (the bad type) in check, they sharpen the memory because they contain choline, a nutrient that promotes brain health,” she said.

   According to her, eggs can boost the body’s immunity because they contain vitamins and minerals necessary to keep the body healthy.

   The nutritionist explained that egg could also ensure good skin health because of selenium contained in it.

  Also, Dr Johnson Olupona, Animal Scientist at the Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Ibadan, said marking the 25th anniversary of World Egg Day celebration “is an attestation of the power of eggs.”

   According to him, the theme for this year’s  celebration, ‘Eggs for all: Nature’s Perfect Package,’ was to emphasise the need to eat an egg today and everyday.

  According to the animal scientist, egg is an incredible nutrient powerhouse which can improve the human  brain and child growth.

  “It has positive nutritional and environmental impacts which include sustainability and affordability of animal protein source, advancing physical growth and body’s natural immune system.

  “It also has low environmental footprint,” he said.

  Olupona advised people to eat at least one egg per day because of its nutritional benefits, particularly for children and for farmers to increase their egg production output.

  “Egg contains 13 vitamins and minerals that have the capacity to directly improve human health.

  “There is no taboo or disease attached to its consumption except if it is not properly prepared,” he said.

  A poultry farmer, Mr John Olateru, said that the poultry industry, particularly egg production, was a major source of cheap protein for humans and source of employment for the  people.

  According to him, through egg production and poultry value chains, his income and livelihood improved tremendously up till last year when the industry faced challenges of feed production.

  “Seventy-five per cent of our cost of operations, the major components of feed is maize and soya, the prices of these commodities have seriously gone up which had really affected the farmers and industry.

  “No more profits in the business, farms are being closed because we cannot sustain it anymore,” he said.

  Olateru urged the government to formulate strong policies that could remove middlemen, whose activities of hoarding, were responsible for price hike the product and other food items.

  He called for the speedy inauguration of the Abuja Commodity Exchange board that would be vested with the responsibility of regulating prices of commodities.

  “The government should empower the board urgently so that they can start work, we want the board to be transparent and release commodities to people anywhere in the country at its given price,” he said.

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