Another Award For Our Global Ambassador Buzopat Osigwe HON √√ The Scoper Media


     The ocean of goodness flows without restriction, this time the noble honour is coming from CREEKVIBES STAMP OF EXCELLENCE AWARDS, coming up on the 26th of August, 2023 at Beni Gold Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

This will be the 130th meritorious award going to Hon. Amb Chibuzo Patrick Osigwe, she is receiving the 2023 FAMILY/STABILITY/PEACE AWARD and still counting.
Consistency is very difficult especially when no one is clapping for you but whoever knows honourable Buzopat will understand that this tigress has learnt to clap for herself and has been dedicated to the service of humanity.

She will tell you that it is very inspiring always to celebrate your wins, no matter how small because each time you do that God takes the glory. She has often advised people to ignore the negative crowd that calls it show off. The truth of life is that whoever is not grateful in little will never be grateful in much.
HON. Chibuzo Patrick Osigwe (Buzopat) gives from nothing and still gives with joy, no wonder the Anambra State Government Broadcasting Service awarded her the REAL HUMANITARIAN DUCHESS. If you know her you will wonder how she handles all the Hundred of calls from people in need, you will expect her to yell, scream, shout and fume but no she will encourage, motivate, preach, inspire, channel them to the right channel and still gives the little she can. Yes, she doesn’t receive this recognition for nothing, it comes because she short-changes herself repeatedly to uplift others.

Madam Buzopat, you are known because your work speaks but the whole world will call your name, God will send you burden bearers and lifters. They will assist you to do more for humanity to the glory of God.

To cap it all, When HON. Chibuzo Patrick Osigwe (Buzopat) makes up her mind, nothing stands in her way.

Your conscience is the strongest element of your nature. Your affections are tender and warm. Your whole nature is simple and sincere – you are pure, and then are always yourself render to render help in all ramifications.


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