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    All her life, renowned cerebral Architect and fashion bluff Princess Fifi Ekanem Ejindu has made herself available for selfless service to humanity, her family and her country. So at any given opportunity, she is never ashamed to pitch the enronomus opportunity that lies in her country Nigeria to her connections of friends and investors worldwide. Being the first Black African woman to graduate in Architecture from the Pratt Institute in New York has opened her horizon in building and nurturing with attention to detail and a love for high taste which is quite evident in her lifestyle.


The Billionaire businesswoman last week Wednesday the 18th of October shone like a star walking gracefully with a charming gait fitted in her free-flowing designer Wine, silver and black scaly gown flanked by her hubby and her son where she received an award as an Iconic Female Entrepreneur of the year at the just concluded Democracy Hero Award at the Congress Hall, Transcrop Hilton, Abuja. On Thursday the 19th of October, at the First Interactive Diplomatic/Business Forum for Angola-Nigeria in Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, she was equally inducted as the President of the Angola-Nigeria Business Forum by the former President of the Senate; Dr Bukola Saraki alongside other eminent members who will ensure a smooth trade and investment relationship between Angola-Nigeria. She will bring her experience and negotiation skills to strengthen trade ties and potentials that will benefit Nigeria when the country needs foreign direct investment to strengthen its economy and create jobs.

In her acceptance speech, Princess Fifi disclosed that; she is passionate about the growth of Africa and by extension Angola and Nigeria, two countries she would be representing. She is more optimistic that; her induction as President of the Business Forum will birth a smooth symbiotic relationship and also foster positive economic gains which will affect the two countries’ GDP.


“Heading the Angola Nigeria Business Council is an opportunity to deepen the relationship of both countries beyond government to government interactions by bringing together business leaders for the purposes of exploring opportunities that both Countries have to offer. For this reason, the Angola-Nigeria Business Council has been established. It will serve as a driver for advancing economic cooperation with the private sectors of both Countries taking the lead; it will assist in exploring opportunities for investments; support entrepreneurship on a global level; provide a platform for CEOs to network, share best practices, be a credible promoter for industry related public discourse, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable operations in the extractive industry and beyond.”


“Most importantly, it will serve as an advisory instrument of business policy to the governments of both Angola and Nigeria. I must extend my highest regard and thanks to the Ambassador of Angola to Nigeria, His Excellency Jose Bamoquina Zau, for this interactive diplomatic /business dinner being hosted for the business community and for his deep interest in facilitating a strong relationship building between our Nations’ two private sector elites.”


“This is a new chapter in supporting and advancing the entire Africa free trade initiative. By extension I wish to recognize and appreciate the Angolan President, His Excellency Joao Lourenco, and his Nigerian counterpart, His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu, without whose blessings, we will not be here together to be part of a new dawn of cooperation between both countries. Thank you and God bless the Republic of Angola. God bless the Republic of Nigeria.” She added.

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