2023: Tinubu And His Traducers In The Season Of Goodwill ✓ The Scoper Media 


     Let us go back to this enigma whose is boldness is without hubris, whose bravery is without noisy attestations, whose charm and political magnetism have triumphed over a thousand back-biters .

According to a release signed by the Director General, The Patriots Roundtable, Prince Uthman Shodipe-Dosunmu, it states that as the campaign enters into the home stretch, It is obvious to everyone now save the rabid outliers that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the candidate to beat in the February presidential election next year simply because he has worked harder than everyone else .

He has showed more seriousness, demonstrated greater patriotic fervor , reaching far and wide , spreading his campaign mantra of renewed hope, of a better nation with vigorous and enlightened visionary resolution.

Tinubu now looms in triumphant sweeping elan as other secondary campaigners often look docile, sedated, flummoxed, confounded in their own uncertain vision.

Some are serial contestants, basically campaigning In quadrennial addiction for the same office with the manic resolve of the obsessed , induced by the craving toxin of power, falsely believing that the presidential perch is a sustenance of their warped and greedy existence.

And yet others, clouded in some never-land, stripped of the necessary impetus of political substantiation, rooted on a tenuous infertile ground, hurried by transient hurrahs of the ephemeral mob, often spouting voodoo statistical embellishments- are now deluded into a muddled signification.

To well known actors of the art of politics , electoral victories are never conjured by the noisy stampede of the crowd or the chaotic , riotous caucus of the rabble.

No. The electoral victories are often pivoted on long tenured structures of political stalwarts and acolytes, on the widening laager of goodwill, on vision predicated on promoting general welfare, erasing poverty, spurring economic growth , strengthening national security.

Electoral victories are now won ultimately on well calibrated algorithms of capturing the greatest pool of the electorate.

In this season of goodwill, we at the Patriots Roundtable seize the moral of the humble birth at Bethlehem as an illustration of the unfathomable Will of Heaven, the unknowable Will that anchors the human firmament.

Political engagement gains greater force and enlightenment on the brightness of discourse and the vigor of progressive dueling. As the presidential campaign graduates towards a necessary resolution and denouement, we exhort a withdrawal from calumny and abuse; we enjoin a prohibitive straying from malice and petulant outlawry. We urge the redemptive peace of Galilee rather than the seductive destruction of the hypocritical Sadducees always longing to throw the first stone.

May the peace , the grace and the blessings of the Nazarene abide with us all. Merry Christmas.

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