Funeral arrangements have already kicked off for Nigerian veteran actor Babatunde Omidina popularly known by many as Baba Suwe. A live recording from the venue of the late actor’s Ikorodu residence was shared on the official Facebook page of The Nation, and it was reported that there was controversy. However, live coverage from the event sparked reactions on social media as Islamic clerics and the family members seemed to be in disagreement. The video sighted online captured a crowd of onlookers who watched the drama between the parties unfold

   The late actor’s family members and some Islamic clerics present at the ceremony seemed to have come to some disagreement over how he should be buried.

 The cleric, Sheikh Ahamad Olanrewaju Alfulanny, who spoke to The Nation, expressed dissatisfaction over the un-islamic practices exhibited by the family and other well wishers.

 He noted that in Islam, the normal practice is to bury a dead person within few hours of being pronounced dead.

  He said although Baba Suwe, until his demise, was a celebrity Islam who does not give room for unnecessary jamboree during burials.

  He said, “There are so many things that they are doing, that are un-Islamic, they put his body in a casket, some other well-wishers even said they want to take his body round, but the family has told us they won’t bury him with his body inside the casket.”

  Well-wishers, sympathisers were unhappy over the decision but the clerics said the family has agreed to abide by the Islamic practice.

  The 15-seconds clip spotted on Facebook captured a crowd of onlookers who were gathered at the scene as the drama unfolded.

  Reactions One Facebook user who reacted to the recording noted that the actor should be buried according to the teachings of his religion before death. He wrote:


“Allow him to be buried by the teaching of the religion he embraced and practised b4 he dies.” Another individual wrote: “Family tradition supersedes any embraced religion. The clerics should persuade the family, they can’t do it by force.”

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