Breaking: Senator Shehu Snail escape death as terrorists bomb kaduna-Abuja train ~ The Scoper Media


    Senator Shehu Sani, who represented Kaduna Central in the 8th Senate (today)  Thursday escaped death onboard a Kaduna-Abuja train.

   Sani disclosed that the train he boarded ran into a portion damaged by explosives used by terrorists in attacking a Kaduna-Abuja train on Wednesday.

  The human activist disclosed this on Thursday via his Twitter handle.

   According to the 53-year-old former lawmaker, terrorists had attacked a Kaduna-Abuja train on Wednesday with explosives. He alleged that the terrorists also opened fire on the engine driver and tank of the train.

    “Yesterday, terrorists attacked the Kaduna-Abuja railway with an explosive and opened fire on the train, targeting the engine driver and the tank.


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