Catholic Priest Cuts Hair Of Popular Actress Over Husband’s Death Photos + Video √√ The Scoper Media


A video of a Nigerian priest shaving the hair of Nollywood actress, Chioma Chijoke Anosike, better known as Nwuka, following the death of husband’s death has surfaced on social media.

A video shared by the actress via her Instagram page on Saturday, 26th August captured a series of spiritual rites performed on the widowed actress, by the reverend father and also witnessed by her family relatives.

According to the actress, the last couple of months have been a roller coaster of emotions for her and her entire household due to her husband’s death.

Nwuka further extend appreciation to her colleagues and her fans who reached out to her and showed her support in this trying times .

Sharing the video, she captioned it: “It is no longer news that i felt life in a way I have never felt it before, life taught me a deep lesson which I’ll simply say is live life, be happy but in all that you do, live right because you do not own this life you have this minute.

“Death is inevitable as it took my husband from me, a person I’m supposed to live this life with and for, but it may seems as though God has his reasons and man can’t even dare to question his authority.

“Life has been quite a whole lot for me these passing months and oh i originally thought i wouldn’t be able to live past the next day after my husband’s demise but like i said earlier, it may seem as though God has his reasons. It has indeed been a roller coaster of emotions for me and my entire household, friends, family and well wishers.

“Only if i can take back the hands of time. Nevertheless, I want to wholeheartedly thank everyone that has been there for me and with me all through this trying time in my life journey.

“From my colleagues to family to friends to fans and everyone who has in one way or the other dropped a comforting word for me, put me in prayers, checked on me and made sure this new phase isn’t taking a toll on my fragile heart. I bless God for you all in my life as a person, group and organization, I say a very big thank you and may the Good lord come through for you all just as you have come through for me all through this mourning period up until now that I’m over and done with it and giving room for a better future ahead.”

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