.Churches Should Allow Men Marry More Than One Wife, Monogamy Is Hypocrisy, Ghanaian Pastor Says ~ The Scoper Media

  A Ghanaian cleric, Apostle Richard Ankomah has described as non-biblical, the rate at which Pastors have limited their male members to marrying just one wife.

  The founder of the Paniel Mighty Chapel in Mamponteng, Kumasi, advised pastors to desist from hypocrisy and allow male church members who are financially stable to marry more than one wife.

  Speaking in an interview with Nana Peprah, Ankomah revealed that single marriages that are limited to male church members are one of the things that are sending most people to hell.

   He disclosed that it is very shocking to note that most married men such as church elders, pastors, and other church members have extra-marital affairs because they’re not allowed to marry in addition. He said they do such things in secrecy to avoid being caught, and that poses more danger.

  He also said that most women are still single based on the fact that they outnumber the men in terms of population and that is sending most of the women into frustrations whilst others have become promiscuous, something that is not done in their will.

  “My brother, let us be very frank to ourselves that most of these women who have been praying for husbands are not getting a response, and the fact is that the men are limited. My fellow men of God know these things I’m saying are very true but they pretend as if all is well.

  “Why do we tie ourselves with biblical quotes and fail to do the needful? Let me tell you, Paul’s advice he gave to the Corinthians was a mere opinion. He’s a human being like us. He never even got married,” the apostle said.

  Apostle Ankomah has however urged other men of God to stop the hypocrisy and allow male members to practice polygyny which is meant for men.

  According to him, the one man one woman marriage rule was instituted by human beings and not God. He revealed it was very sad that most married pastors, church elders, and other church members are going to hell due to the extra affairs they have outside their marriages.

  The Apostle commended the traditional culture where he recommended that the church desists from biblical hypocrisy and follow the beautiful culture that allows for multiple marriages.

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