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 By Cleopatra Eki

     Christ Our Banner International School (Montessori) celebrates her 10th year anniversary and graduation ceremony at Owode, Langbasa Lagos. Speaking at the 10th anniversary the proprietress, Pastor Mrs. Christy Ada Omoijiade urged education managers to be creative in the teaching/learning process in order to equip pupils with emerging new knowledge especially in science and technology.

Mrs. Omoijiade appreciated the efforts and supports of the parents and families who bring their children to the school for grooming over the decade.
“Her passion and love for children informed her decision to establish the school.“

She said: “COBIS provides a solid educational foundation for our children.Our pupils have the freedom of evolving into the human spirit, they are created to be love , have respect for every child and godly value is a solid vehicle for all -round

We have qualified, trained and professional teachers, with passion and love for children, Montessori education, conducive atmosphere for learning.
By imbibing sound culture and integrity, which are our core values, our students will be able to stand head on with any of their contemporaries anywhere in the world.

Speaking Miss.Felicia Owolo, a former teacher of the school said it has been a sweet and mixed experience.“We use the Montessori curriculum, with modern educational toys to enhance our pupils learning abilities in the school.”

“I am elated to see some of the pupils l taught grow up with sound memories and moral upbringing “.

Owolo also appreciated the Proprietress Mrs. Omoijiade for her efforts despite all odds and parents Mrs. Olayinka, Mrs. Ajayi, Mrs. Uche, Mrs. Etimson, Mrs. Sobowale and others who have been with the school for the past decade.

The Head of School, Mrs Miriam Philip said she has spent 3years out of the 10-year journey in the school. She said: “Over the years, we have built a culture of excellence and had fantastic academic results. We are a school that provides many opportunities for students to showcase their talents.

“We are training our students to be global leaders, whenever our students go out, we get positive feedback that they are well behaved. Our guiding principles are confidence, godly” character and culture,” Mrs.Philip said.The school facilities have pre-school, Nursery and primary schools .

Speaking to a parent Mrs. Precious Uche whose three children attended COBIS, said that there are lots of positive testimonies, though one of my son is in the secondary now.”My children are brilliant and well coordinated, Mrs.Uche emphasized, she has recommended church members, parents, families to bring their children to the school because they see the total impact recorded in the academic and social performance of my children.

“As for out- of -school children, l urged parents to start small business or create jobs to fend for their children’s education, since the waiting for government to help millions of out of school children is not having a head -way.

Another parent, Mrs Agatha Christian who has a son in the school, said “The boy is well groomed and articulated. I want to appreciate the efforts of the school management and the teachers. She appealed to Government to implement policies and programme for out- of -school children.

The highpoint of the event were Comedy by MC, choreography, cultural display, Yoruba and lgbo, musical and french presentations, parents and guests dance and presentation of certificate to pupils.

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