COLLABORATION IN ACTION: NCC Hosts South Korean Team To Advance Information Access Centre Initiative 🎊 The Scoper Media


L- R: Executive Principal, Department of Global ICT Cooperation/Global ICT Project Team, Mr Un Jong, JI; Executive Commissioner Technical Services, Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, Engr Abraham Oshadami; Group Head, Corporate Services DBI, Ms Viola Askia Usoro; and Senior Manager, Department of Global ICT Cooperation/Global Digital Transformation Team, South Korea, Mr Kim Dohum, during a courtesy visit to NCC’s Headquarters in Abuja…on the 17th April 2024.


A synergy of minds blossomed as a delegation from South Korea embarked on a transformative journey, converging at the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). Their mission? To pioneer collaborative endeavors in bringing to life the Information Access Centre (IAC). In the hallowed halls of innovation, ideas rolled like constellations, illuminating the path towards a brighter digital future. With a shared vision and boundless determination, the seeds of partnership were sown, nurturing a flourishing landscape of connectivity and knowledge exchange. Together, they forged a bond that transcended borders, weaving a tapestry of progress and possibility.

On the basis of this however, a prestigious delegation of tech luminaries from South Korea embarked on a mission of collaboration. Led by visionary leaders, they converged with officials from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to orchestrate the birth of a groundbreaking initiative – the Innovation Advancement Consortium (IAC). With minds ablaze with innovation, they delved extensively into spirited discussions, exchanging pearls of wisdom and expertise, paving the path towards a future where technological advancements know no bounds. Together, they sculpted a narrative of progress, weaving together the threads of knowledge and ambition to forge a brighter tomorrow for the global tech community.

Executive Commissioner, Technical Services, Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, Engr Abraham Oshadami (left), Executive Principal, Department of Global ICT Cooperation/Global ICT Project Team, Mr Un Jong, JI, during the visit.

Similarly, in the heart of Nigeria’s bustling digital landscape lies the Information Access Centre, a beacon of accessibility and innovation in the telecommunications sector. With a mission to empower individuals and businesses alike, this center serves as a gateway to vital information and resources, igniting the flames of progress and development.

Within its walls, a symphony of ideas and ingenuity resonates, as visionaries and entrepreneurs converge to harness the power of connectivity. From seasoned professionals to aspiring innovators, all are welcomed with open arms, their aspirations nurtured and their ambitions fueled.

With every connection made and every barrier broken, the center propels Nigeria towards a brighter, more interconnected tomorrow. As it continues to champion accessibility and innovation, the Information Access Centre stands as a testament to the boundless potential of the human spirit and the transformative power of knowledge.

Vibrant exchange of ideas were ignited between the visiting parties. Concepts also rolled through the air, weaving a tapestry of innovation and strategy. Each party, fueled by a shared passion for knowledge accessibility, contributed their unique perspectives to the conversation. Together, they crafted a roadmap adorned with the best practices and strategies, ensuring the Centre would serve as a beacon of enlightenment for all who sought information.

The South Korean delegation lauded the Nigerian Communications Commission’s commendable strides in fostering transparency and accessibility within the telecommunications sector. Their enthusiasm was palpable as they extended a hand of support towards the creation of the International Advisory Council (IAC), signaling a promising collaboration ahead.

To cap it all, stakeholders eagerly anticipate the dawn of a new era in Nigeria’s telecommunications sector. With minds intertwined and ambitions aligned, they envision a landscape where information flows freely, reaching every corner of the nation with ease and efficiency. Through this harmonious partnership, they sow the seeds of progress, nurturing innovation and accessibility to fuel the growth and development of Nigeria’s digital realm. Together, they stand as architects of change, sculpting a future where connectivity knows no bounds, and opportunity flourishes for all.