Commissioner Alabi Gives Account Of Stewardship, Says Bauchi Remains No- Go- Area For Criminals-The Scoper Media


Bauchi State Commsiioner of Police, Abiodun Alabi has rendered account of his stewardship in the past few months. The account, officially made available to the National Association of Online Security Reporters, NAOSRE by the Command’s spokesman, SP Ahmed Mohammed Wakil, is reproduced below
Bauchi State is one of the North Eastern States in the country which is confronted with numerous security challenges such as kidnapping, armed banditry, cattle rustling, thuggery, rape and other manifestation of violent crimes.
The location of Lame Burra forest in Ningi Local Government Area,  Balmo forest in Gajuwa Local Government Area, Yuda and Mundu, Panshanu and Megemu forest in Toro Local Government Areas and Yankari Games Reserve in Alkaleri Local Government Area provide cover for criminal elements who perpetrate heinous crimes.
 Recently, the proactive steps taken by the Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alabi, through robust synergy with government and other security agencies, have made the state enjoying relative peace.
Arrest of criminal elements before, during and after commission of offences has been recorded by the Command.
The fight against crime and criminality in Bauchi State has been sustained by operations, intelligent led community-policing engagements and other crime fighting strategies.
The Command has, with earnest professionalism, continued to execute its mandate, and made remarkable achievements in the course of policing the state.
Consequently, the Command within the last six months, specifically  from  March 8, 2021 to date, recorded over 221 cases, and arrested over 352 suspects in connection with various crimes committed within and outside the State.
The command arrested 115 suspects in connection with over 42 cases of armed robbery.
29 arrested  in connection with 18 kidnapping cases.
15 kidnapped victims rescued from kidnappers.
69 suspects arrested in connection with 59 cases of rape.
66 suspects arrested in connection with 35 cases of Culpable Homicide
5 suspects arrested in connection with 7 cases of attempt to Commit Homicide.
49 suspects arrested in connection with 35 cases of theft.
19 suspects arrested in connection with 25 cases of other offences.
Subsequently, lethal weapons were mopped-up from unlicensed individuals as crime preventive measures.
In that efforts, 88 firearms and 6,460 ammunition were recovered. These include 25 AK-47 rifle, a locally made SMG, one SMG, one locally fabricated AK47, one  English Barretta and  one magazine.
The list include 2 P/Barretta,  29 rusted/unserviceable locally made P/catridges, 72 rusted/unserviceable locally made revolver and  one locally  made Dane Gun
Eight hundred and seventy-four (874) 7.6mm
Five thousand and twenty two (5022) 5.56mm
One hundred and thirteen (113) 9X19mm
Two hundred and seventy-four (274) 62.7mm
One hundred and seventy seven (177) 38mm
Eighty-seven Blank
Five (5) Dane Gun
Three(3) Locally made single Barrel Gun
Three (3) Locally made revolver pistol
Six (6) Locally made pistol
 Fourteen (14) rounds of live Cartridges
Sixty-seven (67) rounds of live ammunition
Thirty-three (33) pellets used as bullets.
One (1) Golf salon motor-vehicle
One Toyota Corolla Motor-vehicle
19 different motorcycles
Seventy-four (74) sheep
Nine-hundred and seven thousand Seven hundred and sixty naira(N 907,760.00)
Eleven thousand five hundred seifer (11500).
One hundred and seventeen (117) Cutlasses
Seven (07) sticks
Six (6) machetes
Eight (8) knives
Forty (40) mobile phones of different models
Four (4) plasma TV sets
Three (3) Laptops
It is pertinent to emphasize here these aforementioned successes were made possible through information availed to the Police from members of the public, who as partners in progress with the Nigeria Police share our desires and aspirations to enable a safe and secure environment for all residents in the State.
The Command has put in place crime preventive measures which includes: visibility policing, community partnership, constant raids of black spots, regular foot and vehicular patrols, surveillance on buildings and vulnerable areas, stop and search, and intelligence led policing through partnership with sister agencies and other non-governmental organizations in order to nip in the bud, all forms of crime and criminality and also to flush out  their hideouts in the state.
Finally, CP Abiodun Alabi appreciates the Bauchi State Government, member of the forth estate realm, other sister security agencies, judiciary, members of PCRC, Special Constabularies, Hunters association, vigilante group, other relevant stakeholders like Danga security and the entire good people of the State for their cooperation, support, encouragement as well as prayers.
Alabi however, vowed not to relent on its oars, as it will continue to put in measures to weed out unscrupulous elements in order to achieve a crime-free State

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