NTICE 2023: Dambata Harps On NCC’s Contribution To National Growth √√ The Scoper Media 

NTICE 2023: Dambata Harps On NCC's Contribution To National Growth √√ The Scoper Media 

By Kehinde Kolawole 



  The Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Telecommunications Commission (NCC), Prof. Umar Garba Dambtata has described the commission as among the biggest contributors to the socioeconomic growth of the country as evident in the numerous achievements of the sector in the country.

  According to a press statement it states that Prof. Danbatta said the sector’s performance was instrumental to lifting the country out of recession with 22.45 per cent contribution to the GDP in Quarter 4 of 2020 which further increased to 14.13 per cent in Quarter 1 of 2023.

Dambata spoke in Lagos at the second edition of the Nigerian Telecommunications Commission Indigenous Content Expo (NTICE) 2023.

He said the sector is home to two of the most valuable listed companies in the country with a collective market capitalization that is in excess of N10.45 trillion.

He also recalled that the Commission in 2021 and 2022 generated revenue in excess of $820 million from the auction and grant of 3.5GH spectrum band licences to three operators in boost the deployment of Fifth Generation (5G) services in the country, placing the Nigeria on the global 5G map ahead of many European countries.

The NCC executive vice chairman also said the the Commission is fully committed to the drive by the Federal Government to place the Nigerian economy on a sustainable pedestal through all necessary policies that has been put in place to achieve such goal.

He expressed delight that the Nigerian Telecommunications Indigenous Content EXPO (NTICE 2023) is one of the achievements of the Commission in that it continues to promote the purpose for which it was created and which has become the flagship indigenous content event for the industry.

Earlier in his opening speech, Team Leader, NODITS Nigerian Telecommunications Commission, Engr. Babagana Digima, said the workshop is convened to celebrate the rich tapestry of ideas, talents and innovations that define the Nigerian Telecommunications industry.

Digima  said the event stand as a testament to NCC’s commitment to foster homegrown solutions that will not only drive economic prosperity but that will also propel the industry towards a future brimming with endless possibilities.

He said it’s not just about communications, but also about empowerment, education, healthcare, commerce and more.

He added that the gathering recognises that the key to unlocking such immense potential lies in the ability to harness the wealth of indigenous content, leverage our unique perspectives and talents to channel them towards the greater good of all.

He therefore encouraged every participant to be engaged, share insights and absorb wisdom in order to be part of the renewed effort to build a new narrative in the sector.

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