DEPRESSION: Outrage As Woman Drops Her Three Kids, Undresses, Runs Into Speeding Car That Crushed Her To Death 🎊 The Scoper Media 

A tragic incident occurred in Enugu State as an unidentified woman, believed to be a mother of three young children, reportedly took her own life.

The heartbreaking event unfolded when the woman, allegedly grappling with depression following her husband’s departure due to financial struggles, dropped her three children, ran into a moving vehicle near Ogui Police Station, Enugu.

According to reports, the woman left her three children at the police station, disrobed, and ran into traffic, resulting in her instant death. The eldest child, unable to provide more details about their family, indicated that their father was “lost.”

Moved by the distressing circumstances, Mrs. Nkechinyere Mbah, the wife of the Enugu State governor, pledged to sponsor the education of the orphaned siblings from Nursery school through University. She ensured the immediate relocation of the children to a government-supported facility for proper care.

Expressing empathy, Mrs. Mbah urged individuals facing challenges, especially those battling depression, to seek counseling and support to prevent such tragic outcomes. She directed relevant authorities to intensify efforts in sensitization and counseling to assist vulnerable individuals in overcoming their struggles

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