DISTURBING: Mother Of Four Stripped, Flogged, And Banished From Delta Community Over Adultery Allegation ๐ŸŽŠ The Scoper Media

Iselegu, Delta State โ€“ In a shocking and disturbing incident, Eunice Onyekpe, a mother of four, was stripped naked, chained, and brutally flogged by local youths before being banished from her community in Iselegu, located in Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta State. The punishment was meted out over allegations of adultery.

The incident was confirmed by activist Harrison Gwamnishu, who shared a video of the torture and dehumanization on Thursday, June 20, 2024. According to Gwamnishu, Onyekpe’s husband accused her of infidelity and reported her to the youths in the community, which led to the violent act.

As reported by Linda Ikejiโ€™s Blog, the victim vehemently denied the allegations of adultery. Despite her denial, the community’s youths proceeded with the severe punishment, highlighting a grave issue of mob justice and human rights violations in the region.

This incident has sparked outrage and condemnation from various human rights organizations and activists, calling for justice for Onyekpe and an end to such barbaric practices. The case underscores the urgent need for legal reforms and stronger protections for individuals, particularly women, in rural communities.

Authorities in Delta State are urged to investigate the matter thoroughly and ensure that those responsible for the assault and humiliation of Eunice Onyekpe are brought to justice. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggles against gender-based violence and the importance of upholding human dignity and rights in all communities