Drew McIntyre Out For CM Punk’s Blood On Monday Night Raw 🎊 The Scoper Media

Hell will break loose if Drew McIntyre finds CM Punk on Monday Night Raw after the latter cost him the World Heavyweight championship belt for the third time at Money In The Bank. Catch the action live on GOtv.

Drew emerged as Mr Money In The Bank after seeing off challenges from Jey UsoChad GableAndradesCarnelo Hayes and LA Knight. The Scottish Warrior kept true to his pledge to cash in his contract at the World Heavyweight fight between Damian Priest and Seth Rollins on the same night.

After Damian managed to kick out at the referee’s second count when Seth delivered a deft Curb StompDrew emerged from the locker room vigorously with the MITB briefcase to instruct the referee to announce a triple-threat match. Unfortunately for him, his arch-enemy, Punk, emerged to attack him, thereby sabotaging his chances of becoming champion as Damian quickly took advantage of the situation to execute a devastating Chokeslam on Drew to retain his belt.    

After his loss, an infuriated Drew went on a rampage searching for Punk in a bid to cause more damage to the currently injured superstar. A Summerslam clash between the duo is on the card, but that depends on Punk getting cleared to fight again considering Drew tore his bicep earlier in January. 

Similarly, Seth was equally incensed at Punk’s interference because he cost him the title too as he can’t challenge Priest for a rematch. Could a triple threat match at SummerSlam be on the card? Find out on Monday Night Raw on WWE Network (ch 68) at 1am on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Damian will have to face off with Gunther ahead of their SummerSlam clash taking place early next month. Gunther earned the right to challenge for the World Heavyweight belt after emerging as the winner of the King of the Ring tournament in May. Tune in WWE Network (ch 68) to follow their emerging feud.

Another clash on the card is a fight between the feuding Chad Gable and Jey Uso. The duo had been feuding ahead of their involvement in the MITB ladder match and while both men lost, the animosity between them remained. Who will gain the upperhand in this rivalry? Find out on Monday Night Raw!

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