EATING BOTTOM POT JOLLOF RICE CAN GIVE YOU CANCER – Doctor Warns Over 200million Nigerians ~ The Scoper Media


  A Nigerian doctor has caused a stir on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter after he warned against eating ‘Bottom Pot’ food like burnt Jollof rice, claiming it could lead to cancer.

  According to the doctor, he acknowledged the fact that most Nigerians feel the bottom part tastes better, but he said what they don’t know is that consuming it can increase people’s chances of having a terminal disease.

  The doctor however advised those who are fond of burnt Jollof rice to desist from it because of the health risk.

He tweeted;

“Eating bottom pot burnt food e.g burnt Jollof we say the bottom part tastes better. but guess what the burnt part has its structure changed & can increase your chances of having a cancer”

  It’s advisable not to make eating bottom part burnt food a norm. It isn’t healthy & safe.

  The dish is a staple food from Nigeria and most West African countries. It is prepared with rice, tomatoes and tomato paste, pepper onions, cooking oil, goat meat, chicken, or beef and spices. So, everyone should desist from taking the bottom pot JOLLOF rice.

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