INDUSTRIALISATION DRIVE: Gov Oyebanji Visits BoI + PHOTOS 🎊 The Scoper Media 

……Governor Oyebanji Strategic Visit To Bank of Industry Signals Renewed Industrialization Efforts

….Commitment to promoting industrialization and economic development in Ekiti State

In a bid to ignite the engines of progress, Governor Biodun Oyebanji steered the helm of innovation as he convened a strategic summit at the esteemed corporate headquarters of the Bank of Industry, nestled in the heart of Marina, Lagos. Accompanied by the MD/CEO, Dr. Olasupo Olusi, the visionary leaders delved deep into the realms of possibility, crafting a blueprint for a new era of industrialization. With minds ablaze and determination in their hearts, they embarked on a journey to unleash the full potential of their collective endeavors, heralding a dawn of prosperity and growth for the land

In the heart of Ekiti State, amidst the vibrant buzz of ambition and innovation, a pivotal meeting unfolded, illuminating the path to prosperity for local businesses and the youth alike. Led by the unwavering Governor BAO administration, the gathering was a symphony of collaboration, echoing the resolve to harness every resource, every opportunity, to propel economic development and sow the seeds of growth in Ekiti. With minds ablaze with ingenuity, and hearts ablaze with passion, they charted a course towards a future where MSMEs flourish, and the youth stand as pillars of empowerment and progress

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