WICKEDNESS! Man Beheads His Own Daughter For Money Rituals, Buries Body In Shallow Grave In Edo ๐ŸŽŠ The Scoper Media

A man has been arrested for killing his daughter and burying her body in a shallow grave in the Uteh Community in Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area of Edo state. Mm

The suspect, identified as Mr. Emmanuel Ovwarueso, was apprehended by operatives of the local vigilance in Edo State, Edo State Security Network (ESSN).

The man, popularly known and addressed as Emma One, confessed to the ESSN operatives who apprehended him at the Uteh area of the Upper Mission Road Extension, an area where the suspect resides with his family, that he killed his daughter for money.

He was said to have tied and gagged his wife and carried out the killing in her presence.

His wife said: โ€œMy husbandโ€™s attitude changed recently. He kept saying I should not look at him like a poor man anymore. Even at his place of work, he was buying drinks for everyone as if he was celebrating. Even his co-workers were surprised at his new spending style. He even told them that his money was very near. We never knew he was having such a dangerous plan.โ€

The vigilance member, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said: โ€œWe saw him that Thursday night (March 7) with a bag, walking so fast like he was rushing to catch up with a flight.

“We stopped him, but he resisted us. We asked what was inside the bag, he said it was his food.

“So we searched the bag and found a human head inside. We interrogated him and from the way he was talking, it was obvious he was hiding something.

“So we took him to his house and we met his wife tied down. We untied her and asked who tied her, she said it was her husband. She told us that her husband tied her down with a rope before killing their daughter.

“He took us to the place where he buried the little girlโ€™s body in a shallow grave and the body of the girl was exhumed immediately.โ€

Some residents of the Uteh community, who spoke to newsmen, said โ€œEmma Oneโ€ is fond of beating his wife and kids regularly. Some of his co-workers said he is confrontational and loves fighting.

The suspect has been handed over to the Nigeria Police, Edo State Command, for further investigation

Linda Kehi