EMPOWERING FUTURE TECH LEADERS: NCC Pushes For Mentorship To Boost Girls’ Participation In ICT 🎊 The Scoper Media

By Aminat Umar

Mrs Nnenna Ukoha, Deputy Director/ Head, Corporate Communications,Public Affairs Department, NCC presenting the keynote address on behalf of the EVC at International Girls in ICT Day 2024 organized by E-Business Life in Lagos.

L-R: Mrs Jumoke Alaka,Senior Manager, NITDA; Mrs Kemi Fadipe, Head, Customer Care, Globacom; Mrs Nwaigwe; Mrs Ukoha.

L-R: Ufuoma Emuophedaro, Convener, Girls in ICT/CEO EBusinessLife; Tinuade Oguntuyi, Head, Network and Solutions, Information Connectivity Solutions Limited receiving the Connectivity Champion Award presented by Mrs Ukoha.


In a recent event, “e-business life” the Executive Vice Chairman of Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Dr. Aminu Maida, represented by Mrs. Nnenna Ukoha. At the event emphasized the critical need for nurturing environments in both educational institutions and workplaces. Their aim? To ignite the passion and drive in young girls towards embracing careers within the thriving ICT sector. This call to action resonates with the growing recognition of the untapped potential and invaluable contributions that women can make in the world of technology. By fostering inclusive spaces, we not only empower girls to chase their dreams but also enrich the industry with diverse perspectives and innovation.

During the “e-business life” event for Girls in ICT Day, Mrs. Ukoha illuminated the transformative power of mentorship and networking for girls in tech. In her impassioned address, she underscored how these avenues pave the path for girls to shatter barriers and thrive in the dynamic world of technology. With her words echoing through the eager minds of attendees, a palpable sense of empowerment filled the air, igniting a collective determination to embrace the limitless possibilities awaiting them in the digital realm.

Speaking further, Mrs. Ukoha underscored the critical importance of diversity and inclusion within the ICT sector. She emphasized the transformative power of mentorship programs, illuminating how they offer girls invaluable exposure to authentic ICT scenarios, igniting their passion and bolstering their confidence to embark on ICT-focused careers. Through such initiatives, Mrs. Ukoha envisioned a future where every individual, regardless of gender, is empowered to thrive and innovate in the dynamic realm of technology.

Similarly, Mrs. Ukoha emphasized their dedication to bridging gender gaps in the ICT sector, urging increased participation of girls in the digital economy. Their remarks highlighted a collective push towards inclusivity and empowerment in the tech realm.

It’s should also be noted at this juncture that NCC passionately fosters a nurturing ecosystem, championing mentorship and networking, with a vision to nurture a powerhouse of empowered female ICT professionals. Their goal? To fuel innovation and drive economic prosperity, not just in Nigeria, but across borders.

In conclusion however, amidst the global celebration of Girls in ICT Day, these initiatives ignite the flames of gender equality, paving vibrant pathways for girls to flourish in the dynamic realm of information and communication technology. By fostering inclusivity and empowerment, they unlock boundless opportunities for young women to shape and innovate the digital landscape, ushering in a future where talent knows no gender boundaries.