#ENDSARS 2020: Photos Of 37 Police Personnel Killed By Protesters Emerge ~ The Scoper Media

No single photo, family of alleged massacre victims one year after

    Whereas the claimants, who said over 80 protesters were killed by the soldiers during the unfortunate and destructive #EndSARS protests of 20 October, 2020, have consistently failed one year after to provide one photograph of a killed person or family of him or her, The DEFENDER can authoritatively report that evidences abound the other way round, which show that the protesters had their hands stained with blood of innocent.

   They were not only killers of innocent citizens, they have been proved to  have indisputably killed several security officers among which photo evidence of 37 of them, who were police personnel, have been provided, according to fresh revelations available to us.

   Also corroborating our findings, Lauretta Onochie, Digital and Social Media Aide to President Muhammadu Buhari, also captured pictures of the police officers who fell to the mass killing perpetrated by the protesters, during the time.

  Commenting on this, Onochie said: “Today, we have the faces of the brave and gallant Police officers who were massacred in cold blood by those who claimed they were fighting for the reformation of the Nigerian Police.”

   Acknowledging that there should be bad eggs in the police force, she found it difficult to subscribe to throwing the bath water with the baby.

  She said: “Are there bad eggs in the Nigeria Police? Oh yes! Just as we have bad eggs among Teachers, Lawyers, Doctors, Nurses, Politicians, Traders, Clergy; in every profession in our nation. But we don’t go about killing innocent people because they have bad eggs in their profession.

 “Killing Police Officers is not the pathway to the reformation of the Police. The criminality of the EndSARS against Nigeria, must be punished.  Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and loved ones. MAY THEIR SOULS REST IN PEACE,” she said, ending the submission with a prayer: “God bless Nigeria.”

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