By Cleopatra Eki


      As part of commitment to empower youth to start up Spa business, by creating affordable and luxurious space for clients to unburden stress and contribute meaningful to nation building.

Speaking Mrs. Ramat Alli Balogun, Chief Executive Officer Organique SPA at the 5 day masterclass held Cappa Oshodi Lagos State.

Pointing out ” there are a lot that has not been harnessed in SPA sectors. We need more players in this sector Nigerians needs the SPA culture to detox, clear stress , mental and emotional health.”.”Everybody needs a massage,to rejuvenates, spirit, soul and body.”

Ramat Alli Balogun,disclosed that the training is empower women and any one who wants a new career or as massage therapists. It also gives opportunity for participants to learn, network and collaborate with others,
“Having spent over 16 years, the SPA business we have built up a reputation as one of the best spas in the area. We teach and offer a wide range of services, including massages, facials, waxing, skin care, pedicure,body scrub,V steam, deadlock and more.The spa has products ,facials., Massage oil and among others. “

Concerned about latest trends of people leaving the shores of the country Nigeria. Organique SPA has also provided employment opportunities to many people. In order to ensure continuing human capacities and using the social media to drive for Spa operations .It is also a good way to earn some extra income.
“We also help trainees to operate to own Scheme, In addition to their spa services, they also offer a number of other activities that help their clients relax and rejuvenate.” Organique SPA has continually engage in Research and development and also training of Nigerians.

“Our students and those want career in spa management gain valuable work experience in the spa industry, learn new skills, and build their resumes. They network with our Spa’s staff and clients, and learn about the day-to-day operations of a successful business.”

“We work with a team of experienced professionals that help interns gain insights into the industry that may not be available in the classroom-“she concluded

Speaking to trainee Wuraola Adenike Adeyemi, Chief Executive Officer,Meiguo -Gold said my training at Organique Spa, “I have learnt that you can only rub slightly across the popliteal fossa in order to avoid crisis.”

She disclosed that, l was taught that one must always start massage from the right part of the body, and that all parts of the body are connected together.

Adeyemi added “one must ensure that the massage the parts of the body towards the heart, for easy blood circulation, after each massage.She concluded that you must finish your efflerage.”

Okey Esther Chief Executive officer , Estheticmarketer(brand name ) said “I never thought I would learn massaging skills in just 3 days but I did because I was trained by a passionate coach. “

The facilitator simplified the whole massage process and she gave us full access to practice what we were taught. Even before the end of the massage training, “I got a client who bought my natural skin products and even booked a massage session with me.”

Conclusively, I will say that the massage training was awesome and I connected with great minds that I communicated with about how they can use social media to build and grow their businesses in their various industries.

“My experience in the massage training as a massage therapist.has exposed me to real-life lessons in the following ways.” Emotional intelligence:The ability, capacity, or skill to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of oneself, others, and groups. The training allowed me to know how use my emotional intelligence wisely.

As a multi-niche individual who refused to be tied down to one identity, I hold high the banner of multipotentiality as a means to impact lives and even profit.”

She disclosed that she helps entrepreneurs, business owners, brands, and individuals manage, build and grow online visibility, make sales and increase their business profitability through content creation/marketing, and advertising.
This experience is useful and an added advantage “I consult for brands, businesses, and organizations who are looking to scale up and make crazy sales.”Having trained several individuals and a myriad of corporate brands in diverse industries.
Esther,a lady with several skills, Biochemistry graduate University of Ibadan, a business owner, runs a POS business, an ice block business, and lam a virtual assistant.

Another beneficiary and child’s rights advocate and media executive who pleaded anominity , said she has learnt about human anatomy and different massage various points. “There no need to put heavy pressure or massage the spinal cord and other sensitive areas of body while massaging.” -she stressed.

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