EXPOSED! My Wife Has Slept With Almost All My Friends – Husband Of Farida SOBOWALE Who Attempted To Jump Into Lagoon √√ The Scoper Media


Demola Odulaja is the estranged hubby of Farida Shobowale, a Lagos socialite and boss of House of Phreedah, who wanted to jump into Lagos Lagoon due to the sudden crash of her two months old marriage.According to Odulaja, out of 20 of his friends the lady has allegedly slept with about 18 of them !!


Demola insists his estranged wife is just acting Nollywood movie, promising to help her produce more juicy episodes.

Recall that Farida claimed to have spent a whopping N100 Million on her wedding and wanted to end it all the other day after the union hit the rocks !

Farida has come forward to say that her close call with suicide was caused by the agonizing anguish of betrayal suffered by her devoted spouse, whom she cherished in profound regard

She revealed that her ex-husband had promised to remain by her side till the end and make sure she had children as well. He didn’t live up to these pledges, though.

The Socialite continued by admitting that she had feelings of depression..

If you thought the drama has ended and the dramatic personae exited the scene, perish the idea, as the hero of the salacious tale has opened a can of worm, revealing his wife slept with almost all his friends.

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