Father Alledgely Cuts Off His Son’s P€nis In Akwa Ibom

One Peter Raymond has absconded after he allegedly cut off his fifteen-year-old son’s penis in Ikot Abasi Idem Ibesikpo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom state.

The State Coordinator of Coalition of Eastern Non-Governmental Organisations, CENGOs Mr. Israel Ekanem disclosed this after the teenager was picked up by the roadside almost dead by one of his members.

His words, ‘There is a pathetic case of male child abuse happening in Uyo where a biological father of a 15-year-old boy allegedly cut off the boy’s penis.

“The boy was picked up by a good Samaritan by the roadside about a week ago almost dead. He took him to Shelter Afrique Police Station. The DPO in a bid to save the boys life took him to hospital where he was revived after one week and the hospital bill settled by the police.”

According to the report, Ekanem stated that after the boy was discharged from the hospital, the police took him back to his father’s house but only saw the stepmother and instructed her to report to the station with her husband when he comes back adding that instead of doing so, the couple allegedly abandoned the child at the compound and absconded.

“After discharge, the Police took the boy to where the father and stepmother live and handed him over to the stepmother in the absence of the father who is a Keke driver. The police after handing over the boy invited the stepmother to report at the station with the boy’s father.

“Instead of reporting to the police they abandoned the boy in the compound and took to their heels. The boy has been with the landlord since then until today when he decided to return the boy to the police.

“Since the police have nowhere to keep the boy I have advised the IPO to take the boy to FIDA so that a Court order could be obtained to remove the boy from the abusive environment to the children home for his protection while the police would intensify efforts to get the parents arrested to face the law.”

The Police Public Relations Officer in the State, SP Odiko, who confirmed the incident said the boy was brought to one of the divisions by a good Samaritan, adding that the DPO ensured that the boy survived by taking him to the hospital for treatment and paying the hospital bills.

However, on whether the man cut his son’s penis, the PPRO interrupted, “who said so? The boy, we were told did something wrong at home and the father beat him. Though we condemned the manner he was beaten.

“He was actually given some wounds and was bleeding, he ran away from home and fell along the bush path where he was picked up by the person that brought him to the station almost unconscious.”





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