Grace Atinuke Oyelude, the first-ever Miss Nigeria, turned 90 today and Miss Nigeria organizers celebrated her on Instagram.

  Oyelude was crowned Miss Nigeria in 1957 after beating over 200 Nigerian girls in the pageant

   Oyelude revealed in the past that she became Miss Nigeria by accident

  Her brother who was a broadcaster saw the advertisements for the pageant in the papers and entered her for the competition without her knowledge in Lagos even though she was still residing in Kano.

  After she won the pageant, which came with 200 Pounds prize money and a return ticket to London for two weeks, she gained admission into the school of nursing, Ashford Kent, England, and became a state registered nurse in 1961.

  She enrolled at the school of midwifery, St. Thomas Hospital, London, where she qualified as a state registered midwife SCM in 1962.

  She also attended the Royal College of Nursing, England in 1971 and obtained a Diploma in Nursing and Hospital Administration and in 1976, obtained another diploma from Ghana Institute of Management and Personnel Administration.

  “Happy 90th birthday to the first-ever Miss Nigeria, Madam Grace Oyelude from the year 1957.

  She was born in Kano to James Adeleye Oyelude and Marthan Dantu from Kogi state and was raised in Northern Nigeria.

  She is a registered nurse, Midwife, and hospital administrator.

  We wish her a fabulous 90th birthday. Cheers to a milestone.








  Dear queens, let’s celebrate our very own

#MissNigeria #1stMissNigeria #firstMissNigeria #90thbirthdaycelebration #90thbirthday”


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