WEDDING GONE SOUR (Video)! As First Wife Attacks Husband’s New Bride During Her Wedding √√ The Scoper Media


     A new bride has been attacked by the man’s first wife during their wedding ceremony.

The incident took place in Northern Nigeria and was caught on video.

Twitter user, @Fulani_Tutor who shared the video wrote:

In fulani culture setting, when a man re marry, the bride (Amarya) will go and greet the first wife, to show respect, 

The (First wife) seized this opportunity to attack the bride. 

It could be hearld that the first wife wasn’t in support of the man marrying a new wife but all the pleads from her felt in to the deaf hears of the husband. Unfortunately the older wife seized that opportunity to beat her up without considering the population of the well wishers in the house.

Contacting some of the people at the event, a lady whose name is Shadiya said, the older wife has no any right to attack the new wife because in Islam, man is allowed to marry one, two, three or four wives ..So the woman is wrong.

Another lady Hajiya Mairo said, considering what what the older wife has done, this might lead to divorce between them because it’s seen as a great embarrassement to the family 

 On the basis of this however, some NETIZENS have started commenting on the shameful act as follows…


Zizzy_Babe said….This life no balance ooo…if na me, I no go worry ooo

Fati-Binta said…Na jealousy jealousy de worry some people ooo..instead of the lady to move on, na because of just one man Dem de fight like this???

Abduldayan Audu said Islam we are allowed to marry as many wives as four what’s the problem with her.

Joseph _Blaize said…wetin de worry this Muslim people sef ..Dem too de marry plenty wives sef…though, I no blame them jare …women these days can’t be trusted rather make man marry more wives 


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