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FROM DREAM TO NIGHTMARE: Queenspark Estate Residents Speak Out Against Landmark’s Betrayal Of Promises 🎊 The Scoper Media




      Residents of Queenspark Estate, in the fast developing community of Simawa Ogun state are fuming over unfulfilled promises and a deteriorating living environment, accusing the developer, Landmark Corporate Realty Limited of failing to deliver on crucial commitments.

The once-envisioned idyllic community now grapples with poorly maintained roads, shrouded in darkness due to the absence of promised streetlights. Beautification projects have vanished, leaving behind a sense of despair and disillusionment among property owners.

One of bad roads in the Estate

“We were promised a well-maintained, secure estate,” lamented Dr Joshua Odugbela, Chairman of the QueensPark Estate Residents Association. “But reality paints a different picture. Roads are riddled with erosions, and without streetlights, basic safety is compromised.

“During the marketing phase, Landmark Corporate Realty Limited also promised to build and maintain a good road network and good drainage system within the estate. These, like other promises encouraged many subscribers to invest with the company. But many years after the first construction started in the estate, none of these has materialized.”

According to the real estate investors, the promise to connect them to an electricity source was also not fulfilled. The Chairman said “Although a power transmitter was recently installed, the estate remains in darkness.”
Residents’ pleas for action have fallen on deaf ears, with Landmark offering empty promises and little tangible progress. This has pushed the community to its limit, prompting a public call for accountability.

“We’re urging Landmark to honor their commitments,” stated Dr Odugbela. “They have a moral and contractual obligation to deliver on what they promised. This isn’t just about amenities; it’s about the quality of life we were sold.”

In a press statement released by the residents, they vow to seek legal redress if the developer continues ignoring them. “Legal recourse remains a looming possibility if the situation fails to improve.

“We deserve better,” declared the Association Chairman. “We’re united in our pursuit of a fair resolution. Queenspark Estate residents won’t settle for broken promises and neglect.

“There have been cases of building materials theft in the estate, regardless of the pre-sale assurance of watertight security during and after construction.

“Although, some of these have been reported to the developer, there has not been any sign that the company is interested in the replacement of the stolen materials or in any form of compensation.”

The story highlights the plight of residents caught in a web of unfulfilled promises by most real estate developers in Nigeria. It sheds light on the community’s struggle for accountability and serves as a cautionary tale for potential buyers considering Landmark properties. The residents’ collective voice echoes a demand for fairness and a living environment that lives up to its promises

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