.FUEL SOUVENIRS: Erelu Okin Pearl Ogbulu Submits Self To Police For Interrogation ~ The Scoper Media


   After coming under criticism for sharing fuel-filled jerrycans as souvenirs to her guests at a recent event held at Havillah Event Centre, Oniru, Lagos, socialite, Erelu Okin Pearl Ogbulu has been remorseful and submitted self to the police for investigation.

   According to her, she claimed to have only given her guests the fuel outside before some guests took the fuel into the hall in excitement. 

   Since the video of the event went viral, trailed by public outrage, the Lagos State Government has reprimanded her as well as shutting the Havillah Event Centre where the event was held.

   In other to show how remorseful she is, Erelu Okin has taken responsibility for the whole event, and has on Tuesday reported to the office of the Lagos Commissioner of Police for proper interrogation.

   Making this known via her verified Instagram handle, the embattled Ogbulu posted; “I have come again on a bender knees to say I am sorry about the petrol souvenir I have ‘reported myself to the police this afternoon to help with their investigation.

   “My intent is to help on their investigation of the unfortunate incident. I am thankful that my error in judgment has not caused damage and I plead with you all, not to throw the baby away with the dirty water. I am sorry and my intent was never to cause harm to anyone or abuse your sensibilities.

   “Do not destroy me because of my unintended error. I regretted my error as I intend to focus on safety and security. I will put all my energy into ensuring that my community works includes safety and security. I want to use this opportunity to thank all my loved ones for their support. Your kind words have helped my mental health. I will remain focused and put effort to the community. Thank you. Erelu Okin Pearl C. Ogbulu”

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