A man simply identified as Frank, who is suspected to have killed his girlfriend and stuffed her body in a refrigerator at Ho-Fiave, the Volta Region, Ghana is wanted by the police.

  Volta Refional Police PRO, DSP Efia Tenge, who confirmed the incident on Monday, November 22, said the police in Ho received a wired report about a stench from the suspect’s room with flies hovering around the door and windows.

  The neighbours of the occupant of the room had been waiting for one Frank, the tenant to come home, but had not returned.

  Hence, they broke into the room on that Monday to ascertain the source of the smell.

  Upon entering the room, they found that a body had been stuffed into a double-decker refrigerator in the room.

  The body identified as Lizzy is suspected to be the girlfriend of Frank, the occupant of the room.

  The police upon hearing the case sent crime scene investigators to the scene. After careful inspection of the crime scene, they discovered that the stench was a result of the body in the refrigerator.

  They were body which was found to be in an advanced state of decomposition in the white double-decker refrigerator was conveyed to the Ho Municipal Hospital morgue. It is awaiting autopsy.

  Meanwhile, a search is underway to trace and arrest the said boyfriend who is believed to have killed the deceased.


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