Glitz, Glamour As Rtn. Chinedum Amachi Inducted President, Rotary Club Of Ikeja GRA 🎊 The Scoper Media

By Oki Samson

There is a change of leadership at Rotary Club Ikeja GRA. This is following the ushering of the new Rotary Year 2024/25 which started officially on 4th July 2024, Trek Africa Newspaper can report.

The handing over fellowship which held at the Rotary District 9111 Headquarters on 4th of July 2024 witnessed the transfer of the staff of office from Rtn. (Engr.) Adeyemi Adeshina, Immediate past president to Rtn. Chinedum Amachi as the new President of Rotary Club Ikeja GRA to begin the ‘Magic of Rotary’ Year. The event happened few days after the commissioning of a 36-bed caregiver facility to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) on 28th June to culminate a massively successful ‘Ray of Hope’ year under the leadership of the immediate past president, Rtn. (Engr.) Adeyemi Adeshina.

Meanwhile, the handing-over fellowship witnessed the presence of Rotarian delegates from Uganda.

Conducting the official handover and taking-over, the District 9111 Governor, Dr. Oluwole Kukoyi stated: ‘The outgoing President has done so very well, it’s time to hand over so that another equally capable hand can continue. We give the staff of office to the new President. I am happy to be here to witness this.’

Speaking further on the culture of handover in Rotary International, the first female and immediate past District 9110 Governor, Rtn. Omotunde Lawson shared: ‘This is annual, it is global, the baton must change on 1st July every year. And each year comes with different themes which directs what the districts and clubs will do that year. It is a process that is seamless. The succession plan in Rotary International is so clear and well-prepared. It is not something that people fight over, it is structured without rancor from one President to another and from one District Governor to another.’

‘For the outgoing president, I was at his installation. It is a ray of hope just like the theme of the year is. He didn’t do it alone because Rotary club Ikeja GRA is made of Rotarians who are selfless, committed, and give their time, talent and treasure to humanity. That is why the club goes from strength to strength. On 28th of June, the club commissioned a gigantic edifice to serve humanity. He used his classification as an engineer to deliver the project. He did well. He served well.’

‘For the incoming president, I met him when we attended the international conference in Singapore and we clicked immediately. I believe that he will deliver too with the support of the club. By the time, we are having this kind of program next year, we will have success stories to share’, said Rtn. Omotunde.

The new President of Rotary Club Ikeja GRA, Rtn. Chinedum Amachi informed: ‘This year is called the ‘Magic of Rotary’ year. In collaboration with other Rotarians and partner organizations, we are reaching out to make impact. As a President, you will go around with your service team to identify what we call needs assessment which we will now use to determine what to do. Thus, we identify star projects like the 36-bed caregivers home at LASUTH, Ikeja.’

‘Our activities are built around the focus areas of Rotary International which includes maternity and child care, providing clean water, fighting diseases such as poliomyelitis, etc. As of today, Nigeria does not have a record of polio. This is because of Rotary club’, affirmed Rtn. Chinedu Amachi, new President of Rotary Club Ikeja GRA.