“God Never Helped Me To Be Successful In Life, I Helped Myself” – Influencer Danny 🎊 The Scoper Media

Popular Twitter influencer Danny Walter has sparked controversy after stating that God is not the reason for his success in life.

Walter known for attacking men of God on Twitter said he does not believe in the existence of God and that there is no tangible proof that the Almighty helped him become successful.

“I hustled my way to the top,” Walter said in the viral video.

Twitter influencer, Danny Walter

He argued that if God truly helps people, then He should leave him alone as he doesn’t need the help.

He advised God to focus on helping poor people including those who approach him for favours.

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This Danny no rate God at all oh pic.twitter.com/sWnkLE4fmM

— 𝕵𝖔𝖘𝖊𝖕𝖍 (@joejoeboy0) June 20, 2024

Reactions trailing Danny Walter’s statement

stfukhaleed wrote: “The kind money wey go make me deny God’s existence. God abeg i no want am”

Wizarab10 tweeted: “If you’re broke and religious, you won’t even know what to say. You have prayed for years and paid tithe tirelessly but God of Adeboye never reason your matter.This life get as e be.”

Busayoptebata stated: “One warey wey never no Wetin him go chop this night go dey wait make something bad happen to am Walahi shi shi no go happen Do what works for you and leave everyone to live their lives ”

Drizzeyvibes said: “You can’t prove to someone there’s God when they don’t wanna know! In the nearest future he will change his statement no one will have to prove to him there’s God”

Reacting to the backlash that trailed his statement, Danny posted:

“Can’t believe you guys are mad at me for saying God should not help me but help poor people.Don’t you want God to help poor people abi what’s the problem??!”