Eighteen infants in Vietnam were mistakenly injected with Pfizer’s COVID-19  vaccine instead of other immunisation shots, according to health authorities on Friday.

   A member of the medical staff, instead of giving the infants registered vaccines, mistakenly gave them the COVID-19 vaccine, Hanoi’s Department of Health said in a report.

   The event occurred Wednesday at a medical centre in the Quoc Oai District of Hanoi as it was organising vaccination for children aged from one to six months.

   After noticing the mistake, the centre reported to the local authorities, which ordered the centre to transfer the infants to the city’s Saint Paul Hospital to be monitored.

   After 48 hours since the injection on Friday morning, most of the children were said to be eating well, with some showing signs of fever, fussiness and poor appetite.

   However, no adverse effects have been reported as the infants are in stable condition, and according to the report, these signs are common post-vaccination side effects.

  The authorities have consulted with leading professors in the country and medical experts from the World Health Organisation and United Nations Children’s Fund.

  District authorities have suspended one medical staff member who directly injected the infants and four others who were involved in the incident.

  Vietnam has only approved vaccination of children aged from 12 years to 17 years.

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