WIGWE: The manner Of Death Is Not Vital To God, John Was Beheaded, Stephen Was Stoned To Death— Osinbajo 🎊 The Scoper Media

FORMER Vice President Yemi Osinbajo recently offered comforting words to the grieving children of the late Herbert Wigwe who lost his life in a helicopter crash alongside his wife and one of his sons.

In a report by Punch, Osinbajo acknowledged that words might not fully heal their hearts but he expressed solidarity with them and assured them they weren’t alone in their sorrow

Reflecting on the tragedy, Osinbajo reminded everyone, especially the children, that the manner of death is not significant to God. Drawing examples from biblical figures like John, Stephen, and Elisha, who faced various forms of death, he underscored that what matters most to God is the distinction between dying and perishing.

In Osinbajo’s words: “The manner of death is not as important to God, John was beheaded, Stephen was stoned to death, Elisha died of an ailment. What is important to God is the difference between dying and perishing.”

source: Opera news