HERO OF OUR TIME: Brave Woman Goes Back To Vote After Thugs Attack And Stab Her Face With Bottle At Polling Unit + Photos ✓✓ The Scoper Media 


    Social media users are showering a woman with encomiums after she came back to vote with a bloodied face after she was allegedly attacked by political thugs..


Efidi Bina Jennifer, a Nigerian citizen despite being stabbed by political miscreants, exercised her voting rights against all odds at a local government in Surulere Lagos, during the presidential and senatorial election.

“They can only disfigure my face, they can’t stop me from voting,” she was reported as saying.

There were videos of her face being stitched after the attacks and pictures of her returning to exercise her vote.

Violent attacks by thugs have been reported in several polling units across the nation, with stolen ballot boxes, shooting at voters and burning of election materials.

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Many have referred to her as the true hero of the election on Twitter.

“This woman is my hero for today’s election, she still went ahead to vote despite being attacked and brutalized. This is the Nigerian spirit,” Egemba Chukwunonso tweeted.

There’s currently a donation going on for her hospital bills

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