Hon. Amb. Chibuzo Patrick Osigwe (FCGM) fondly  called Buzopat is a leader of leaders, on the 4th of December, the ROYAL WOMAN AWARDS honoured her with AUTHENTIC LEADER AWARD.

   For you to win this award you must be a woman who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and has made significant contributions to the leadership industry. You must not only earned the respect of your superiors to rise as a super role model but must have also earned the admiration of your peers. You must be a woman who empowers and support generations of human folds, who emphasises building honest relationships, who values input, has the mindset of an entrepreneur and leads by courageous example.


  On this basis however,Amb.Buzopat is never far from these qualities.

  Hon. Amb Buzopat Osigwe has changed landscape in which women serve and is seen as being more than qualified. KUDOS madam.

  Hon. Amb Buzopat is an inspirational role model, Never one to rest on her laurels, she continues to stretch herself in new ways and mediums, and at point when most people may have given up based on the stress associated with what she does, she is the hardest working person I know. She is always proactive, ever optimistic, never complains, and is generous beyond all reason. She is beautiful, vibrant, smart, funny and a veritable font of creativity.

  Buzopat the Meljenstin NGO boss lady, is a blessing to this generation and has made significant contributions to the well being of womenfolk and that of the society at large. Thus, you are worthy to be emulated .


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