PHOTO NEWS: HoR Member-Elect, Hon. Dr. Ahmed Adam Saba Courtesy Visit To His Royal Highness Emir Of Shonga, Dr Haliru Ndanusa Yahaya In Shonga √√ The Scoper Media


 The Honourable House of Representatives Member-Elect for Edu, Moro, Patigi Federal Constituency paid a courtesy visit to His Royal Highness Emir of shonga, Dr Haliru Ndanusa Yahaya to receive a royal blessing by presenting his certificate of return to him.

His Royal Highness prayed and blessed Dr Saba who is also the Ajiya of Shonga for God’s guidance, sound health and above all, wisdom to pilot the affairs of the people he is representing at the green chamber.

He further advise him to emulate his past track records for better governance so as to actualize his aims towards the people of Edu, Moro, Patigi Federal Constituency.

   In response to the Emir’s advice, Dr Saba promised that he will surely be a good ambassador to the Constituency and vowed that transparency will be his watchward . Also, that his victory is by the people and for the people. 

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