.How I Sold My Son For Ten Thousand Naira

  Reports has it that a woman has accounted for how she sold her child for ten thousand cedis after the man who was responsible neglected her.

   The story of one Faiza has shocked the world after she recounted how she sold her unborn child, her addiction to drugs, dropped out of school after her father who was the sole breadwinner in the family died, and finally got arrested at 14. 

   She asserted that Her mother and uncle plotted a plan to marry her off to an elderly man in exchange for money. Forcing Faiza into marriage was too much for her. She didn’t want to marry an old man at such a tender age. She escaped from her parents and moved in with her brother’s friend.

   Her friend’s brother took advantage of her and she became pregnant. The man denied the pregnancy and threw her out. There, she got into terrible company and became addicted to drugs.

   It was just a matter of time until she found out she was pregnant. Her biological father had a change of heart and no longer wanted anything to do with her.

  Her rascal friends suggested that she sell her unborn child for ten thousand, which she accepted. After the baby was born, the wealthy woman who purchased the baby moved in with her and she agreed to nurse him for only two weeks.

   Her mother reported the matter to the police and the woman and her daughter were arrested. Faiza was sent to prison. She escaped from the prison and went to another city to start her life all over again. She continued to live a drug-fueled lifestyle. She didn’t ask her son where her child was.

   One day, she returned home to see her mother. She discovered that her mother had her child and had been taking care of her son. She said she thought her son had already died and taken away from her since she had sold him. She didn’t bother or care about her child. She abandoned him to her mother and never acted like a mother to him.

   For the past six years, she lived a reckless life. She smoked and engaged in hard drugs. She lived her wayward life till she was arrested. She warns people to stay away from drugs, saying that drugs may wreck their lives. She said she’s ashamed of herself, she’s a bad mother who abandoned her child, and now how she won her son’s heart.

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