I Pleaded With Bandits To Allow Me And My 2 Children Go And Hold My Husband, They Flogged Me -Victim 🎊 The Scoper Media

A victim of the recent kidnapping in Gonin Gora community, Chikun LGA has spoken about her travails

In an interview with Silverbird TV, the victim disclosed that the bandits demanded a ransom to release her along with her two children and when her husband and his friend arrived with the specified amount, they were unexpectedly held captive. She said she was then instructed to gather yet another ransom to secure their release and when she suggested leaving with her two children while her husband remained captive, she was brutally beaten and forced to take only one child. She also said the bandits callously suggested that she should sell her house and all her possessions to raise the money.

In her words: “I pleaded with them [bandits] to allow me and my 2 children go and hold my husband, they gave me flogging of my life. They told me to carry only one child and go. Please help us. I am not the only one, we are so many there”.

Watch the video of the interview from 25:15