I’ll Use Juju To Fight You — Nigerian Pastor In South Africa Tells Wife + Video √√ The Scoper


A Nigerian pastor based in South Africa has threatened his wife with juju (charm) during a disagreement.
Pastor Dr Roland threatened to use juju (muthi – charm) to fight against his South African wife, Thuli, who requested a divorce for undisclosed reasons.
Thuli, who serves as an assistant pastor, shared a video in which Roland stated his refusal to sign the divorce papers and instead, declared his intention to return to Nigeria and utilise juju (muthi) to fight her.
Many people have expressed shock because the couple are pastors in South Africa, with Roland serving as the main pastor at his church.
The couple can be seen arguing while the pastor’s mother-in-law interfered pleading with the man to take it easy. He, however, insisted that his wife can proceed without his consent to append the divorce papers.
It was reported that a few weeks prior, Thuli had publicly praised Roland as her husband and referred to herself as “the luckiest woman in the world”.
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