.Impregnating Your Wife Is A Sin, Children Not Necessary, Says Preacher ~ The Scoper Media

  A preacher whose name is yet to be revealed made some shocking declaration while preaching at a local bus park in one of the South-East states.

  When confronted by passengers sitting in the bus, the preacher said he didn’t say that marriage is a sin, but impregnating your wife is.

  He justified this by saying that not all women that have sex get pregnant and that men should ask for forgiveness after impregnating their wives because having children is not necessary.

  The local preacher also said taking medicine, chewing, wearing trousers, wearing wristwatches and rings are all sins.

  He further claimed that a man hugging a woman he’s not married to is a sin, as dowry must be paid before such can happen.

  The preacher went on to ask everyone listening to him to repent and amend their ways as darkness is coming.


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