VIDEO: I Sold My Two Houses To Make My Trip Abroad, Now Am Stranded Here – Nigerian Man ✓✓ The Scoper Media 

   A Nigerian man has expressed deep regret over his decision to sell his properties and travel abroad to seek greener pastures.

He lamented that after selling two of his properties in Nigeria he ended up stranded in a foreign land with no immediate solution in sight.

In a video circulating online, he said he was at a train station with his luggage around 2am and he had nowhere to go so he was thinking of sleeping there.

He called out a man named Mr Olaitan for allegedly duping him of N10 million in order to gain employment abroad. The man said he his two houses at a cheaper rate in order to make the trip abroad.

According to him, the person that agreed to host him in the country turned out to be a huge disappointment that left him hanging in a place he was not familiar with.

He cried out for help because he has been sent packing by his benefactor accommodating him and he’s stranded at a train station in the cold weather.

Watch video below:

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady boarded a commercial bus while heading to work and paid with the newly released N1000 note but it was rejected.

CorrectNG reports that the Central Bank of Nigeria released the N200, N500, and N1000 notes to banks on December 15, 2022.

The new and old notes are allowed to be used for transactions until 31st January 2023, when the old naira notes would cease to be valid.

The passenger was left stranded because the bus conductor insisted that he would not collect the money as he wasn’t sure it is real or fake.

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She claimed not to have any other money on her apart from the new N1,000 and this caused some delay as she could not drop and they could not move forward either.

A video which made rounds online showed passengers confused as the two of them continued to exchange words over the money’s authenticity.

Someone asked the conductor if he is not aware that there are new naira notes in circulation, in responded that he does not know the one the woman wanted to pay him with.

The person then gave him the old 1k note and the conductor said he recognises it even if his eyes were closed.

He wanted the female passenger to alight from his bus and enter another one but a man sitting beside her came to her defence and wondered why he was rejecting it.

The conductor then had no other choice than to collect it and he went to ask some of hi colleagues if it is real money.

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