JUST IN: Tension In FUOYE As Male Student Rapes Fellow Male Colleague (WATCH VIDEO) 🎊 The Scoper Media 

A criminology student at FUOYE, Ekiti State, faces arrest for allegedly raping a fellow male student on campus. The incident has sparked widespread shock and debate, highlighting societal attitudes toward same-sex assault.

A disturbing incident occurred at the Federal University Oye Ekiti (FUOYE) on Monday, June 17th, 2024, where a 400-level criminology student identified as Asiwaju was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a male student. According to reports, Asiwaju was caught in the act at his lodge, and evidence of the assault was discovered. The prompt intervention of the police prevented a potential lynching by the outraged students.

The news sparked a wave of reactions on social media, with many expressing shock, anger, and disappointment over the alleged crime. Some comments poked fun at the irony of a criminology student committing a crime, while others questioned the potential sentence and correctional facility Asiwaju might face given the unconventional nature of the offense.

A significant portion of the reactions condemned the alleged act, labeling it as unacceptable and immoral. Some comments suggested that Asiwaju might have been influenced by external factors, such as the accessibility of explicit materials or a general decline in moral values.

Others urged that the matter be handled through proper legal channels, with some calling for severe punishment if found guilty. A few comments drew parallels with the treatment of female victims, questioning whether the male victim would face similar scrutiny or victim-blaming

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