LAGOS TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT: LASTMA Confiscates 9,370 Vehicles In Half A Year 🎊 The Scoper Media 

By Husaini Legbo Husaini 

In the first half of 2024, the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) impounded 9,370 vehicles due to various traffic violations. This crackdown highlights the agency’s vigorous efforts to enforce traffic laws and maintain order on the bustling streets of Lagos. The significant number of impoundments underscores the city’s ongoing challenges with traffic compliance and the authorities’ commitment to addressing these issues.

During a meeting with key stakeholders in the transportation industry, Mr. Olalekan Bakare-Oki, the General Manager of LASTMA, confirmed the latest figures today.

Mr. Bakare-Oki revealed that authorities have impounded a total of 3,034 private vehicles. This includes a substantial 1,849 cars, 549 buses, and 636 Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), among other types. The crackdown reflects a significant effort to enforce regulations and ensure compliance on the roads.

During this period, 256 lives were tragically lost, marking a somber chapter in our history. The weight of these casualties serves as a stark reminder of the profound impact of the events that unfolded.

On the basis of this however, he called on drivers to diligently follow all traffic laws and show respect to traffic authorities.

“In the last six months, it has been a mix of good, bad, and ugly, but we have managed to overcome many challenges, particularly in training and retraining our personnel,” Bakare-Oki said.

“We have successfully trained 2,000 of our staff, both internally and externally.”

Moreso, over 900 personnel underwent external training in a collaborative effort with the Nigerian Police, Lagos Command’s training department.

In a transformative initiative, over 1,200 traffic officers underwent specialized training with three expert consultants. They delved into crucial areas such as leadership dynamics, emotional intelligence, enhancing customer interactions, and mastering incident management. This intensive program aimed to empower officers with comprehensive skills, ensuring they excel in their pivotal roles on the roads.

“We are undertaking these initiatives to improve our service delivery to Lagos residents. LASTMA aims to rebuild public confidence, particularly in public relations.”

Similarly, Mr. Bakare-Oki unveiled plans for an upcoming toll-free call center designed to cater to diverse language needs, including English, Yoruba, and Pidgin. This initiative aims to facilitate seamless feedback and engagement with the community.

The General Manager emphasized that LASTMA initiated a strategic operation, starting with clearing the congested Apapa Port area. Their efforts involved meticulous operations to eliminate indiscriminately parked trucks and tankers along the Apapa route, ensuring smoother traffic flow and enhanced safety.

“Apart from the Apapa corridor and Iyana-Ipaja, we also cleared areas like Idumota, Apogbon, CMS, and the Lekki-Ajah axis, improving the level of orderliness in these areas. We have made significant strides across the five divisions in Lagos in terms of enforcement, and this effort is ongoing.”

“We are committed to improving travel time for Lagos residents, especially during peak periods,” he said.

In conclusion however, Mr. Bakare-Oki emphasized that LASTMA is ramping up efforts to optimize traffic flow across the state, unveiling a sweeping deployment of more than 2,000 cutting-edge traffic management tools.

Adebayo Taofiq

Director, Public Affairs and Enlightenment Department of LASTMA